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Tips for Visiting Hyokkori Onsen Shima-no-Yu

1. How to use ticketing machine at the Hyokkori Onsen Shima-no-Yu

The ticketing machine at the onsen works similarly to other ticket machines in Japan.  If you look in the top corner, you can change the language to English. From there you should buy the basic ticket to enter the onsen. If you need a towel or any other rentals, make sure to add them to your ticket. The desk is right behind you, so if you need help, ask.

Here is the direction map to go to Hyokkori Onsen Shima-no-Yu.

2. Useful vocabulary when visiting onsen and other public bath

ひょっこり温泉島の湯英語日本語対応表_Hyokkori Onsen Shima-no-Yu English Japanese Response Table