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Tips for Visiting Dolphin Smile

1. How to make reservation on kayak experience

If you have a smaller group (5 people or less), you can arrive without a reservation.  If you need to make a reservation you can do so by their website or by phone! They also offer an optional translator by reservation.

The easiest way is through their website. If you’re a chrome user, chrome has a nifty translation extension that can be found at the end of the URL bar. 




Once your page has been translated you’ll scroll down and click on the kayak experience tab. Scroll down that page until you see the application hyperlink. 







Or just take it directly from here.  

All of the experiences are listed on one page so make sure that you fill out the form for the one you want to do.  Using google translate you can write in any special request, including a request for a translator.   

※ Google translate works best with direct, simple sentences. 

In case that your group is small and not requiring reservation, you can click here to find direction map to Dolphin Smile. 

2. Useful vocabulary when having experience activity

ドルフィンスマイル英語日本語対応表_Dolphin Smile English Japanese Response Table