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The Journey of Takayama Ukon


  • Takayama Ukon gaining popularity after being recognized as a saint

A Japanese military commander whose popularity is growing as the subject of reverence in the Catholic Church in 2016 and who has been recognized as a saint is Takayama Ukon. Takayama Ukon, who was persecuted in the latter half of his life as a Christian feudal lord, even abandoned his position as a feudal lord to follow his faith, has been deified as a “saint of the Far East” in Catholic countries, and people are beginning to visit his footprints (sacred sites). In 2018, when Kanazawa City visited Europe, we made an appeal to the Pope to encourage him to visit us to explore the footprints of Ukon. The opportunity is also growing.

  • Ukon’s resources gathered in Hokuriku

In Hokuriku (Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures), there are various resource areas that are the footprints of Takayama Ukon’s life, and they have a unique appeal as rare places to experience the roots of the saint in a different culture, such as the temples that Ukon was sheltered in.

  • Arrangement of contents to contribute to the creation of a tour of Takayama Ukon

By enriching multilingual explanations and by making route of the scattered places related to Takayama Ukon, it is expected to increase the appeal to European customers which are based on Christianity and have the effect of returning a wide range of people. The following is a list of audio files linked to the pamphlet “Takayama Ukon and Kanazawa”, which can be downloaded from the Kanazawa City Tourism Association website.


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English Audio Support for Traveler Who Interested in “The Journey of Takayama Ukon”